503 Service Unavailable

No server is available to handle this request.


  • 要是您是使用的拜访者,请寻求使用的维护者办理题目。
  • 要是您是使用的维护者,继承检察上面的信息。
  • 您如今利用的是简朴路由办事,整个哀求会从SLB -> acsrouting使用容器 -> 您的使用容器, 请按 下列步调排查。
  • 请登岸容器办事控制台,在左侧边栏挑选"办事",在"办事列表"挑选相应的"集群",点击袒露到公网的"办事",检察 办事的"拜访端点",细致查抄您的拜访域名与在相应的办事中设置装备摆设的域名能否同等。
  • 根据简朴路由办事链路排查举行题目定位和排查。
  • 检察路由罕见题目文档
  • 要是下面的方法还没有办理您的题目,请提交工单,接洽技能职员帮忙办理,我们会真挚为您办事。
  • If this page is returned, a problem occurs during the service access process. Take the following steps for troubleshooting:

  • If you are the visitor of this application, contact the application maintainer to solve the problem.
  • If you are the application maintainer, view the following information.
  • You are using the simple routing service. The request is sent from Server Load Balancer to the acsrouting application container then to your application container. Take the following steps for troubleshooting.
  • Log on to the Container Service Management Console, select "Services" in the left navigation pane and select the corresponding "cluster" in "Service List". Click the "services" exposed to the public network, view the "Access Endpoints" of the services, and check whether your access domain is the same as the domain configured in the services.
  • Locate and solve the problem in accordance with Simple routing service link troubleshooting.
  • Refer to Routing FAQs.